DIVYABODHANAM – Growing in the Wisdom of God Divybodhanam is the theological training programme for the Laity offered by the Orthodox Theological Seminary. Founded in 1984 A. D. by H. H. Baselius Marthoma Mathews I (Catholicose of the East and Malankara Metropolitan) by the initiative of H. G. Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios Metropolitan (Principal of the Orthodox Seminary, Kottayam). Aims of Divyabodhanam
  1. To educate the people in basic Orthodox Christian faith and practices.
  2. To train the people to build up a true Christian life-pattern in the midst of modern challenges of the world.
  3. To help Christian parents and families, by which the growing generation shall be properly cared and nurtured in a true Christian way.
  4. To encourage Christian leaders to work in the spiritual organizations of the Church at parish and diocesan levels.
  5. To prepare the people to face the new challenges, ideologies and problems of the time and to respond with a Christian mind filled with deep faith and complete trust in God.
Why is this course important for us? By going through the process of Divyabodhanam, we will have a good foundation about important topics in the faith like New Testament, Old Testament, Sacraments, ministries of the Church, Traditions, Liturgy and many such, taught by reputed teachers of the Church like Fr. T.J. Joshua, Fr. K.M. George, Fr. Mathew Vaidyan, LL Mar Osthathios etc.These matters of faith are of utmost importance for us to find clarity in the life in Christ. When we are clear in our minds, we will be able to better explain to those around us and we will be “always ready to answer those who ask us about the reason for the hope we have” as commanded by St. Peter in 1 Peter 3:15 As you prayerfully study these lessons, and thereby know Christ more deeply, the Holy Spirit of God will guide you into all truth and into the great mystery of God’s love and wisdom Divyabodhanam Schedule @ St. Thomas Orthodox Church Classes are normally conducted every Sunday after the celebration of the Holy Qurbana except 1st Sundays. The classes follow the schedule of Sunday School.
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